Quick FAQ about 

IRS Free Tax Filing

Choose Jarrar CPA for your IRS Free Tax Filing. Expert help, zero cost. Navigate your taxes with trusted professionals. Get started now!

Who Qualifies For 

IRS Free Tax Filing?

Eligible if your adjusted gross income (AGI) is $73,000 or less. A partnership between the IRS and tax software companies offers this free service.

What is IRS Free Tax Filing?

IRS Free Tax Filing lets eligible Americans file federal taxes online for free. Choose from partner software or use Free File Fillable Forms.

Can first time filers use IRS Free File?

Absolutely! If your AGI is under $73,000, navigate tax filing smoothly and securely online at no cost, even if it’s your first time.

Can married couples use IRS Free File?

Yes! Joint filers with combined AGI of $73,000 or less qualify. File your federal taxes online for free using intuitive tax prep software.