Tax Planning

J & A Planning streamlines your most complicated planning and budgeting process by eliminating the need to manage and maintain hundreds of formulas and worksheets. Our built-in financial intelligence and business logic eliminates errors associated with formulas, macros, workbook links and ensures 100% accuracy in your calculations. Wizards, menus and drop-down boxes for pre-built spreads and schedules guide you through the budget preparation and reporting process saving you hours normally devoted to replicating and maintaining these settings over and over again in multiple areas of your spreadsheets. Data is updated in real-time so when executive management asks “Can you change this?” you’ll have your new reports in minutes!

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Deep Visibility

J & A Planning flexibility multi-view/multi-hierarchy capability allows you to budget and report by various entities including customer, product, location, division, manager, channel – going beyond the limitations of your Chart of Accounts. You can drill down into the details (at a transaction level) to see the “why” behind the numbers. Something difficult and tedious to do in spreadsheets.

Increased Agility

Conditions change. You need to respond. J&A Planning, business performance management tool, is like your financial compass providing you with real-time analysis of possible scenarios and their impact on headcount, profitability and cash flow.


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