Self Taxation be a complex, frustrating and a confusing. Jarrar CPA at Santa Monica can help you…

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Jarrar CPA specializes in local finance consulting and assistance on financial, tax and endowment issues for individuals, local authorities and their clients, public institutions.

Our goal is to combine expertise and pedagogy to help communities understand financial issues, and be a real decision-making aid. We assign to each mission an expert consultant, a unique interlocutor of the community. We can also mobilize our network of technical, legal and management partners to fully meet your expectations.

What is the tax system?
The tax system is the method of calculating taxes. In sole proprietorship, the self-employed worker can opt for the real scheme, the micro-enterprise scheme or the self-employment scheme (called the levy). These three plans correspond to three different methods of calculating income taxes; the sole proprietorship is not concerned by the corporation tax. As a self-employed person, you will have to choose the tax system that suits you best and on this juncture tax services at Santa Monica from Jarrar CPA can help you out.

Our firm develops audit and analysis tools used by our consultants. Financial, fiscal and territorial consequences of the territorial reform, the impact of the tax reform, current and future reforms require a strong modeling capacity to support our clients in a variable legislative environment.

Our Specialties:-

– Tax optimization and compliance advice
– Legal and financial analysis of local taxes for delegated works
– In-depth study of property assessment methods

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