No business owner likes the IRS breathing down on the shoulders. Jarrar CPA takes care of every financial transaction made by your business, documenting all the expenses and investments in details, so that you can concentrate on running your company. Our experienced professionals render the best quality tax services Westwood in order to ensure that your business keeps growing on the path of success.

We offer the following Tax services Westwood

Tax Planning: Assessment and organizing taxes is a basic & most significant component of the tax planning & preparation process. With our expert guidance, we help you make advanced tax planning of the overall business strategy, by giving you access to the most recent developments in the Westwood (CA) tax laws. Aim of our tax services Westwood professionals is to minimize both your future & current tax liabilities.

Sales Tax Services: If your business compels you to collect & submit sales taxes in a variety of vicinities, we render our services by compiling the relevant information and preparing the sales tax returns, in the most efficient & timely way.


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IRS Representation: Our years of experience in tax services Westwood have let us build a good rapport with the IRS officials and we have gained a detailed insight on the working thought process of the IRS. With our level of competence, you can be assured that if needed, our professionals would be able to represent you before different state and federal tax agencies.

Payroll Services: With each passing year, as your business grows, you need to hire more number of employees, which ultimately results in need of professional payroll administration. Jarrar CPA assists you by implementation of the necessary payroll administration tool, which ensures efficient, reliable, and effective employee payroll system. We also help you to develop a customized payroll system & prepare all the required tax returns on time.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation: Our effective gift and estate planning assists the timely and organized transfer of your business assets to the beneficiaries. Our tax professionals guide you through the complicated procedure of organizing your financial affairs properly.

Tax Preparation: Our tax services Westwood come with state-of-the-art professional software and latest computerized tax preparation tool. This ensures efficient and accurate preparation of tax returns for different kinds of entities including corporations, individuals, trusts, partnerships, estates, charitable trusts, and other types of profitable & non-profitable organizations.

Our accounting and tax services Westwood tools

– Mortgage Comparison 15 years vs. 30 years
– EIC or Earned Income Credit Calculator
– 1040 Tax Calculator
– Net to Gross Paycheck Calculator
– 457 Payroll Deductions
– US 1040EZ Tax Estimator
– Marginal Tax Rate Calculator
– Estate Tax Planning
– Hourly Paycheck Calculator
– Self-Employment Taxes
– Payroll Deductions

Stay away from the IRS with our tax services Westwood

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