Let our accountant Hermosa Beach take care of your business finances

Jarrar & Associates, a known name in Hermosa Beach, CA, takes care of your bookkeeping and other business finances, so that you can go back to the task of running your company & generating profit.

What do you get from our accountant Hermosa Beach each month?

  • Generate income statement: The profit & loss statement, otherwise known as income statement gives an itemized list of all the business revenues and subtracts the expenses, thereby calculating and giving you a clear picture of gain or loss for a stipulated period. Our accountant Hermosa Beach helps you track the revenues and expenses in order to determine the performance of the company. We also help you detect the core sectors of the business which are under-budget or over-budget. These professionals also determine the income tax liability by tracking striking increase in the cost of goods or product returns, sold as the sales percentage.
  • Clean up the general ledger: A general ledger forms the core of any company’s fiscal records. We review the ledger system every month and find out whether there is any discrepancy, like unrecorded payments or double billing. If any such discrepancy exists, we fix the issues and keep the books in accurate & top shapes.
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  • Reconcile your bank account: By reconciling the business checking account, our accountant Hermosa Beach keeps your accounting, bank transactions, and taxes up-to-date. With this service, we are able to identify lost deposits, lost checks, and any unauthorized wire transaction (if any event of that kind takes place). We also detect and prevent embezzlement of funds from within your organization. Our accounting professionals also prevent unjustified or excess bank charges and make sure that all the transactions get posted correctly by the bank.
  • Generate balance sheet: We provide regular balance sheet, so that you get a snapshot of the financial condition of your company. The balance sheet provided by us helps you to understand the financial capabilities & strengths of the company; identify & analyze business trends, specifically in the areas of payables and receivables. For instance, if the receivable cycle is lengthening, then you can collect those with more aggressiveness. The balance sheet also helps to ascertain if your company is in a position for expansion or if it needs any immediate action for bolstering cash reserves.



Each of these tasks forms the solid plinth of the accounting system of your organization. We offer you customized package of services by including tax preparation, payroll, and such other necessary financial services in our package.

You can’t really know how your company is getting along unless all the records are accommodated and appropriately represented on your monetary articulation. Our accountant Hermosa Beach helps you to deal with your money all the more adequately. Legitimate administration of assets not only spares cash, but brings you more profits as well.

We help you secure the business by properly accounting for all the accounts and the financial transactions, letting you enjoy peaceful and tension-free sleep.

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