Legal Ways To Pay Less And Save More In Tax

jarrar tax sevices beverly hills

Wouldn’t you prefer to lighten the tax load? Well, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t cherish it. However, there are several things you can do to actually save your tax or increase your tax refund. Most importantly, none of these methods are illegal. But most of the time it doesn’t come to your...

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How Can A CPA Help You Grow The Business?

cpa marina del rey

If you are an entrepreneur, your main focus would be to grow the business. But when taxes get involved, you might lose track. Due to this, hiring a tax and financial advisor is always crucial. But your business needs an experienced CPA in Marina Del Ray. Before you plunge into the market to hire a C...

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How Do the Best Accountants Survive the Busy Season?

accountant busy

Accountants share stories of working 80 hours a week or gaining 10 pounds from the stress. You would never want to hire any accountant who’s too busy to pay attention to your need. The best accountant considers this time of the year for achievements and growth for the firm. Infact, he survives the...

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Top 5 Tax Deductions That Are Eliminated in 2018

tax deduction eliminated

If you are a taxpayer, you should be concerned about the fact that under tax reform, the deductions that you have counted on to minimize your taxable income is not available or it has disappeared this year, 2018. Read below to learn what the tax deductions are that have disappeared this year. 1. Mo...

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Earn Some More! Rent Your Vacation Home Wisely and Save on tax

vacation home tax save

There is no denying the fact that the tax rules on rental income from your vacation homes or second homes can be quite complicated especially when you rent your home for several months and also use the home yourself. As a homeowner, if you rent your property or home for 2 weeks or fewer days in a ye...

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Top 5 Secrets to Ax Your Tax

ways to reduce tax liability

Tax planning is an integral part of any financial plan. It does not matter whether you are a small business owner or a salaried person, you must be interested in reducing your tax liability. According to the US Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, you might face an average tax rate ...

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How to Close Your Year-End Book Successfully? Top 5 Tips

tax services santa monica

In every financial yearend, we are often asked a number of queries from our clients. And, most of them are worried about how to close their year-end book. Well, this is true that closing the year-end book successfully is a daunting task for the companies until and unless they take help from professi...

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How to Hire a Good CPA? Know Yourself Before Knowing Him

CPA Beverly Hills

If you are a small business owner in Beverly Hills, you would know the importance of hiring a CPA. This is true that some businesses do their tax and accounting work themselves, but if you are not an expert in this, hiring an expert would be a wise idea. Only a professional knows how to make your wo...

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Top 4 Myths about Accounting & Bookkeeping and The Truth Behind Them

accounting bookkeeping myths

When it comes to ensuring the success of your business, paying extra attention to your accounting and bookkeeping is vital. Keeping the record of all your financial transaction is a must irrespective of the size of your business. The right financial transaction record helps you to minimize the chanc...

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Three Most Common Types of IRS Tax Penalties and The Ways to Waive Off

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There are a number of business owners and individuals who have filed and forgotten their tax returns. If you are among those, you might have already got an abrupt reminder for an IRS penalty. Below are discussed three most common types of IRS tax penalties and the way how can get relief. 1. Unable ...

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