Top 8 QuickBooks 2020 Features To Ease Your Small Business Accounting

QuickBooks Desktop 2020

  The latest QuickBooks features enhance the performance and usability of it. It has simplified the process of selecting the right accounting software for small businesses. More than 2 million companies across the different states in the US use the QuickBooks. 40% of the total customers of Qui...

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Restaurant Accounting – How to Manage Your Bookkeeping

Restaurant Accounting

  Running a restaurant or a food joint may start with cooking talent and a love for hospitality, but it can gain profit through proper and professional bookkeeping. With a clear understanding of restaurant bookkeeping, you can turn into establishment into a profitable business. You may wonder ...

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How To Get Tax Deductions For Your Work From Home Expenses In Los Angeles?

How To Get Tax Deductions For Your Work From Home

  There may be a silver lining when told to do work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is because you will get tax relief. E-workers or staff working from home can get a tax free daily amount by their employers for paying electricity and other costs. As COVID-19 has pushed people to ac...

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5 Quick Ways for Startups to Increase Cashflow

  More than 30.7 million small businesses and startup companies are currently operating in the United States. 69% of entrepreneurs in the US started their businesses in their homes. The reason is to save money as much as possible. However, because of failing to improve cash flow, 50% of these ...

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How Does Accounting Help In The Success Of Small Businesses?

  Accounting helps small businesses stay ahead by offering insights into your company’s financial health. It deals with precise reporting on cash flow, demonstrating growth opportunities, and keeping your business organized during tax filing. As small business organizations, you may choo...

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Things to Know Before and After Setting An LLC

  For startup and entrepreneurial ventures, Limited Liability Company or LLC is a popular structure. It is estimated that more than 30 million LLCs are there in the USA currently. It provides limited liability to the owners of the business and the LLC company setup formed according to the Stat...

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7 Important Tax Tips For Those Unemployed During Covid 19

  Being unemployed and furloughed stinks in several ways. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation is more serious. Also, to top it all, you have to file your tax. Don’t you feel it’s the worst? When your income drops down all of a sudden and drastically, the tax status may also change. H...

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Top 10 Questions Regarding Extended Tax Deadline for Coronavirus

  Coronavirus pandemic has panic-stricken the whole world. It has a deep impact on small businesses. Keeping these issues in mind, the federal government of the USA has extended the tax deadline for all. Several tax services Los Angeles mentioned that the decision comes as a sign of relief for...

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What Should You Know About Taxes During COVID-19 Crisis?

  Restaurants and concerts are not the only places that are off limits for coronavirus. In fact, visiting your tax professional is probably out of the question, too. Some states and localities have also imposed restrictions on social interactions as the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing t...

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Is QuickBooks Capable Of Replacing An Accountant?

Can QuickBooks Replace An Accountant

  Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or a large company, keeping tidy financial records makes it much easier to file your taxes each spring. You also need to track invoices and payments in order to handle potential client disputes, issue refunds, and understand how to budget effectively...

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