Types Of IRS Installment Tax Agreements And Plans?

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irs installment agreement

Owing money to the IRS is common for every working individual across the US. However, several affected individuals aren’t aware of the IRS installment agreement plan & payment options available to them. The IRS has set up payment options that can be applied to people in various financial situations. This is established through a proper… Read more »

Why Should You Keep Business And Personal Account Separate?

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Small business owners should operate in a business to realize the tax breaks at their disposal. For example, if you meet the requirements, you can deduct necessary and ordinary business expenses. But business owners often find themselves in tax trouble when they mix business with personal matters. This mistake is also a prime target for… Read more »

How to Respond to A Letter or Notice from the IRS?

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The letter one expects from the IRS is a refund cheque. However, it doesn’t happen in most cases, and the letter you get from IRS often relates to the tax return. Over here, the point of discussion is how to respond IRS letters. IRS communicates directly with the person they believe has done something wrong during tax… Read more »

Year-End Tax Planning Hacks for The Small Business Owner In 2019

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Taxes for small businesses can be confusing. Several questions are there roams around the mind. Confusion is not an unnatural thing. Few Questions comes to the mind such as: How much do I pay? Why do I have to pay this amount? How can I reduce taxable income? However, it is better to do year-end tax planning… Read more »

The Ultimate Checklist for Small Business Accounting

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Managing a small business may sound a small task, but it is exactly the opposite. One of the prime reasons behind it is the workload that a small business owner needs to handle. Among the different works, it is the accounts which remain neglected in most of the cases. Small business accounting is not difficult… Read more »

How Much Should You Keep Aside For Small Business Tax?

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Small business tax guide

Not quite sure how much you need to save for small business tax? There are many ways to go ahead calculating what you actually owe and saving the right amount. The right method to use would depend on how long you have been in the business, how stable the income, how willing you are to… Read more »

Accountants Can Serve You in More Than Just Tax Returns: Know How

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A common conception plays in the mind of the people that one need to hire accountants to get help in tax preparations. However, it is important that one must know that the accountant is hired for more than the tax returns and accounting services only. Following statistics are enough to prove that the need for… Read more »

What May Occur in Case of Not Having Proper Bookkeeping?

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Bookkeeping service experts

Do you know that in 2018 alone there were 1.26 million accountants and auditors and 1.53 million bookkeeping services, accounting and auditing clerks employed in the U.S? Surprisingly, it is the state of CA that employed the most accountant and auditor in 2018. It presents a picture that shows the need for maintaining the accounts… Read more »

How can outsourcing the payroll services can benefit your business?

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Several business houses in the US used to outsource their payroll service. But why? What benefits did they get by outsourcing it? Here you will know the reasons for which business outsource their payroll services. But who can provide payroll services? Generally, it is better to go for certified CPA as they have the proper… Read more »

How Can You Calculate Small Business Liability?

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Tax liability

Finding out how much federal tax you owe is really complicated, most small business owners actually ask CPAs to do it for them. But even after hiring a CPA, it is still essential to know the mysterious art of calculating the own taxes. You should be able to plan ahead, save money on CPA billable… Read more »