How To Report ERC (Employee Retention Credit) On Tax Return 1120s?

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how to report ERC on tax return 1120S

  Are you a small business owner wondering how to navigate the complexities of reporting the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) on your tax return 1120S? You’re not alone! Understanding the ins and outs of ERC can be daunting. But don’t you worry! We’re here to guide you through it step by step. In this comprehensive… Read more »

When Can You Start Filing Taxes 2024?

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Filling Tax in 2024

  Tax season starts January 29, 2024, and the federal tax return date is April 15, 2024, but it does not apply to everyone. There are various important dates for you to remember. Below, we will look into this tax season and tell you the deadline for filing and paying your taxes. The IRS set… Read more »

What Should You Know Before Signing A W-9 Form?

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what is w-9 form and its importance

Form W-9 is one of the simple IRS Forms that has just one function: it allows you to send a Tax Identification Number (TIN) that is employer identification number (EIN) or the social security number (SSN) to another bank, person, or other financial institution. W 9 California is an information return, meaning it is just… Read more »

Tax Saving Tips New Start – Ups Often Miss Out On

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Tax Saving Tips New Start Ups

  In today’s scenario where doing business has become stringent due to the mandatory requirement of complying with multiple and complex laws, taxation law is something you should outsource to an expert. Taxation laws not only in the US but all over the world are complex and not everyone’s cup of tea. As a small… Read more »

Married Filing Jointly Vs Separately – How To Choose The Filing Status

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Married Filing Tax Jointly Vs Separately

Certain life happenings, such as getting married, will prompt you to change the tax filing status. While it may initially feel like a chore, it’s a straightforward process. Depending on your circumstances, married filing jointly or separately can save you money in the coming tax season. Your filing status determines important factors such as tax… Read more »