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Every business owner faces a time when there is need to look for an experienced CPA. If you know exactly what to look for while availing services from a firm that provides CPA in Brentwood, then not only you would save a lot of money by avoiding potential hassle with the IRS, but can get useful inputs to grow your business as well. A CPA does much more than just dealing with the numbers or finances. He would actually communicate what the finances mean to your business.

This is the reason, you need to shop around, contact a few CPA firms, ask questions, and then finalize on the one who suits you and your business the best.

CPA in Brentwood

The following FAQs help you to make the right decision:


FAQ#1: Are you available all the year round?


There are some CPA firms in Brentwood, which do not work after 15th April and again resume work on the following tax season. However, if your business is small or a startup, then you would need their help all the year round. So, you should select such a CPA Brentwood, who would available all the time.

FAQ#2: What kinds of businesses do you work with?


Before hiring a CPA, you need to know whether he has experience in handling the type of business you have. The accountant or the CPA needs to understand your business and its objectives. For instance, a restaurant business differs from that of a real estate firm, where the former has specific rules for tips and wages the latter has issues related to contract workers, and such other things. So, the CPA in Brentwood needs to have experience in working with other businesses like yours, and have knowledge on the ins and outs of the industry.

FAQ#3: What kind of experience you have with the IRS?


There are certain firms, who have both CPAs and EAs. While most business owners go for CPAs (Certified Public Accountant) as they carry more comprehensive certifications’ CPAs are state-certified and expert in areas like bookkeeping and financial planning. However, EAs (Enrolled Agent) are Federal government certified, whose specializations like in handling taxes. The EAs are often former IRS agents who have extensive experience in dealing with audits. So, instead of focusing on certifications, you need to prioritize your requirement, and then see how the CPA’s experience is relevant to your trade.

FAQ#4: How do you handle working with multiple entities?


If there is more than a single entity under your name, then you need to hire such a CPA who would be able to manage the multiple entities simultaneously, a skill which a common accountant would not possess.

Once you are sure that the chosen firm has the ability to take responsibility of your business, you can go for a yearly contract with them and let your finances be handled by the expert.