Top FAQs On How To Pay Property Tax Online?

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How To Pay Property Tax Online

Have you been wondering how to pay property tax online? This easy-to-understand blog will help you know everything you must about property taxes. Table Of Contents What Is Property Tax? How To Calculate Property Tax? When Is Property Tax Due in California? How To Pay Property Tax Online? Where To Pay Property Tax by Credit… Read more »

Money Laundering & How It Affects Your Small Business

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how money laundering

You can find crooks everywhere, and you never know when your small business may come in contact with anyone who’s trying to launder money. To avoid falling into the trap of money laundering use small businesses accounting services. In this blog, we’ll help you know about money laundering, the US law relating to money laundering,… Read more »

Accounting For Restaurant – Key Points To Know

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accounting for restaurant business

When you think of opening a restaurant, the first time, the owners are driven by their love for food and dedication towards hospitality. But having a good chef and a winning personality are just two components and not everything. If small businesses fail, it is mostly during the first years and because of bad decisions…. Read more »

What’s The Importance Of Foreign Currency Accounting In Small Businesses?

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foreign currency accounting

  You may be thinking of expanding your store for buyers in other countries. Or perhaps you cracked a deal with a new foreign supplier. Taking your business to the international level is a hard task as well as a big step that determines your growth. However, dealing with small business accounting when foreign currencies… Read more »

Tax Law Changes To Know Before Filing Tax Return In 2021

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tax law changes in 2021

  With 2020 over, it means the tax season to account is round the corner. Just like 2020, this tax season promises to be full of unique considerations- due to the coronavirus pandemic. So it is essential to familiarize yourself with the latest updates to the IRS tax code and how it may affect you…. Read more »

IRS Tax Levy: What It Is and How To Get Exemptions?

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what is an IRS levy

Tax levies put your assets at risk. To remove them, you need to work with the IRS to pay your back taxes. A tax levy is a serious business if you owe back taxes. Here’s how a tax levy can affect you, and how you can remove the IRS levy. What Is An IRS Tax… Read more »

What Should You Know Before Signing A W-9 Form?

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what is w-9 form and its importance

Form W-9 is one of the simple IRS Forms that has just one function: it allows you to send a Tax Identification Number (TIN) that is employer identification number (EIN) or the social security number (SSN) to another bank, person, or other financial institution. W 9 California is an information return, meaning it is just… Read more »

5 Accounting Mistakes That Put Your Business At Risk

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Top 5 Accounting Mistakes That Put Your Business At Risk

In a business, as with anything we strive to excel at, we are bound to make mistakes. That’s not always a bad thing. Many would agree that some wrong steps are necessary to reach long-term goals. While some accounting mistakes are costly than others, they are sure to serve as a teaching moment if you… Read more »

Few Tax Preparation Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

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Do you know your business’s cash flow takes a hit when you owe IRS money? In such a case, avoiding a tax debt can be really simple like knowing when and how to file the small business tax return. Also, by knowing what business tax mistakes to avoid, you can prevent having to pay the… Read more »

Types Of IRS Installment Tax Agreements And Plans?

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irs installment agreement

Owing money to the IRS is common for every working individual across the US. However, several affected individuals aren’t aware of the IRS installment agreement plan & payment options available to them. The IRS has set up payment options that can be applied to people in various financial situations. This is established through a proper… Read more »